For creative entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to find creative inspiration from home or the local coffee shop. That’s why coworking spaces are valuable. Statistics show that 84% of people who use coworking spaces are more engaged and motivated while 89% of people who cowork report being happier. If you’re in a creative field, those three words—engaged, motivated, and happy—should be music to your ears. 

Many people associate coworking spaces with merely being external office environments. However, coworking spaces can become the ultimate studio space for creative entrepreneurs. Let’s see how.  

Coworking Provides a Boost of Inspiration

For the creative entrepreneur who works from a home office or a coffee shop, you realize quickly that one environment can be perpetually lonely and the other overwhelmingly loud and impersonal. Coworking spaces are designed to allow you to control your level of engagement. Data from Ergonomic Trends states that 83% of people who work from coworking spaces report being less lonely. Keeping in mind that there is a difference between loneliness and solitude. One feels like isolation which can lead to depression while the other ushers in silence necessary for the brain to engage in deep work. 

What makes the space inspiring for creatives is the level of available interaction. Coworking spaces allow for easy networking, collaboration, and exchanging ideas. Entrepreneurs who network interact on average with one to four people each day and 55% of people who cowork say they feel like they’re part of a community. That’s not something you’ll get in your home office or local coffee shop, but you will be sure to find it at Work/place! With our networking events and monthly socials, you can connect with your office neighbors regularly!

Record Your Podcast or Shoot YouTube Videos from a Coworking Space

Depending on your home environment, recording videos and podcasts, or being interviewed on podcasts may not be conducive from home. If you have small children who are not yet school age, you run the risk of physical interruption, knocks on your door, or a loud environment. Remember when “Professor Robert Kelly had an unexpected distraction for when he was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea? But he managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully.” While you can schedule around your children’s sleeping times, that could affect how soon you’re able to be featured as a guest. The same is true of recording your own material. Background noise is difficult to edit out of that perfectly recorded video or podcast. 

When you rent coworking space, you have access to a quiet environment where you can execute your work flawlessly. Many coworking spaces offer access to VoIP devices—like conference call phone systems—which can give you better sound quality during an interview, if needed. You’ll also have ample space to set up any cameras you may have for recording and you can maintain a professional look.  

Brainstorming and Whiteboarding Sessions in the Conference Room

Sometimes you just need to think out loud. Many coworking spaces provide conference rooms complete with dry erase white boards and empty walls. Take advantage of these spaces to lay out project plans, draw up wireframes for websites, sketch out flowcharts, and create long-range planning. 

Similarly, you can grab a Sharpie and a stack of Post-It notes and project plan, scrum, or brain dump and outline your book idea


For creative entrepreneurs, coworking spaces offer a way to expand your network, connect with like minds to draw inspiration, get avenues for marketing and promoting your business using podcasts and video, and have open planning sessions. These are just a few ways creative entrepreneurs can use coworking spaces. Stop by and check out Work/place with two convenient locations in Newport News and Hampton and see how many other ways you can tap into your creative flow in a coworking environment.