Happy New Year! With a new year comes new possibilities. If you’re like the rest of the business world, you’re an entrepreneur who has clearly defined your goals for 2020 and you’re ready to head off with a full head of steam.

While most people aim to tackle their physical health, as entrepreneurs and business professionals, we have to also remember that we have an entity outside of ourselves—our businesses. Our level of success in the new year will be defined by what we make a priority and what we choose to as high priority on our list of goals to execute.

One thing to consider is where you’ll run your business. If you’re like most new entrepreneurs, you most likely spent your fledgling year of business operating from your local coffee shop, café, or public library. While none of those places are bad in and of themselves, coworking is the one place where you can work uninterrupted, have a guaranteed space waiting for you, access 24/7, and meet like-minded people.

Even more, coworking can help you separate your work and home life and elevate your professional appearance (ever have a client meeting in a coffee shop?). These are a few of the reasons you might want to consider running your business from Work/place in 2020. Here are two more perks that come with putting “move into a coworking space” at the top of your list of goals for the new year.

Make New Friends (and Collaborators!)

If you’re in business, you understand that one of your chief functions is sales. Yes, some people see it as a dirty word, but we all have to sell and market whatever product or service we happen to be promoting or offering. This is where coworking comes in. Unlike other spaces, coworking spaces are a stocked pond of business professionals and entrepreneurs who like you, are looking to grow their businesses. The best way to do that is through networking. The more connections you make, the more opportunities to have to grow your business. Once you start coworking, get to know the people at the desks around you. Strike up conversations in the kitchen. Invite those you meet to have a one-on-one meeting in the conference room and get to know their business to find out how you can help one another.

Be the Best Version of Yourself Personally & Professionally

Running a business from home can get lonely, especially if you’re an extrovert (i.e. the first letter on your Myers-Briggs Personality Test begins with the letter E). Coworking spaces allow you a place to go to for work so your professional life doesn’t spill over into your personal life. People who cowork report being happier on average too. Coming into Work/place gives you something to look forward to, boosts optimism, fosters a sense of belonging (to a community), and helps keep you sane (if you’ve worked from home with small children, you’ll understand).

You’ll also have access to great educational opportunities and social activities that will help you get new skills for developing your business—or introduce you to service providers who can help you— and meet more people in and around the business community.

These are a couple of reasons why you should consider starting your 2020 in your own coworking space…at Work/place! If you’d like to learn more or get a tour of our space, call us today at (757) 534-9164. We want to help you grow your business while making sure you’re healthy, happy, and well connected while doing it.