We understand how difficult this epidemic is on your business. We want you to know that we are in a partnership with you and it is our hope that you will weather this storm with us. We are continually monitoring what the Federal Government is doing for small business like us, and you! We will pass this information along to you as we see fit.  

Our top priority is to keep Work/place open and staffed and as clean as possible so that you can continue to operate your business with minimal disruptions. While we have already implemented additional cleaning, we will have our contracted cleaning company increase from three days per week to six days per week. We do still need your help to ensure we are providing a safe and clean environment. We are asking that you do the following:  

  • Continue to use proper office etiquette and clean up behind yourself.  
  • We encourage you to work in your office and not in the common areas. This is not mandatory, but rather a recommendation to practice social distancing. 
  • Limit conference room gatherings to five people or less.  
  • Minimize the number of non-member guests if you are able.  
  • If you have children coming into Work/place with you, they must remain in your office at all times 

Should we reach a situation where the building will need to be unstaffed, we will remain operational and our members will still have access to Work/place 24/7. As this situation evolves, we will communicate with you, our valued members, as much as we possibly can. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. We want to be a resource for you as we navigate this challenging time together. As always, please let your community manager know if you have any questions or concerns.