At Work/Place we believe coworking shouldn’t be a competitive environment, but one that fosters growth, success, and collaborative relationships. That’s why we have made it our business and dedicate both our time and resources to provide a conducive working environment for all types of people to work in. Its coworking arena where a variety of individuals and groups, operating the most diverse of businesses, can easily have their creative juices flowing. A place you can start, and/or build your business safely and easily.

Now, picture this…

 A coworking environment that allows you share a large space with some of the most dedicated, hardworking and intellectual minds around you. An office setting that provides a serene, yet motivational atmosphere with pop music constantly playing in the background. An area where you can choose to work in your designated office space, or you can decide to take your work to the couch or on our outdoor shaded patio. Working has never been so stress free!

Have you ever heard of any office with a modern café and lounge that serves wine every Wednesday? Or any working environment that organizes social activities for the workers within its confinement on occasion? I’ll bet not. We even invite speakers to come in and give talks so that we can educate our members on topics relevant to their businesses. It’s all part of our commitment to give you a more authentic office environment while you remain completely independent! These little things go a long way in taking the pressure of work off your shoulders and make you more productive while allowing you to feel more social and connected.

Why Work/Place is Different

Aside providing a safe coworking environment that is comfortable enough for you to work and grow as an entrepreneur, Work/Place has other core visions. We know how important a proper coworking culture is, that’s why no matter who you are and where you’re from, you would find it easy to fit into the culture we’ve created and make your business thrive.

Whether you come solo or bringing your team, be rest assured you will find something that works well for you. We also have a wide variety of subscriptions that will fit perfectly with your coworking office space needs. If you want to work from dedicated space, our monthly subscription allows you access and personal space. If you’re more come and go, our daily or weekly plans will suit you well.

We have a variety of floor plans to choose from for your coworking needs including: dedicated desks, hot desks, window offices of various sizes, window corner offices of various sizes, upstairs interior offices of various sizes and upstairs window offices. There’s also a shaded patio available, if you feel like working in fresh air.

As a coworker with us, your coworking office space grants you access to all the amenities we provide. These amenities include high-speed hard-wired internet, a fully furnished office (with a desk, chair, locking file cabinet and trash can), high-tech security systems, a conference room, private phone booths, mail handling services, online payment systems, cleaning and maintenance as well as many other services.

With us, you get one of the best coworking experiences that are in line with the growth of your business and work culture, a place where you can grow and make connections that can benefit you and your business for a lifetime.