4 Benefits to Coworking Post-Pandemic

With the COVID pandemic all but in our rearview mirrors, people have headed back to work again. For many, the flexibility of remote work they have become accustomed to during the pandemic will continue.  

Less Distracting 

According to data from Flex Work, most people who continue remote work do so for the ease of work-life balance—better control over their daily schedule, no commute, and more time to spend with their loved ones—but also because it’s less distracting. Seventy-seven people polled said loud colleagues and people in constant motion can make for a distracting work environment where personal productivity can be compromised. Choosing a coworking space gives you a work environment that is quieter, more respectful of your time (no colleagues to hover over your desk to talk about last night’s TV episodes), and less cluttered. Coworking spaces tend to be focused on functionality, which helps with the next benefit: productivity. 

Higher Productivity 

In a poll taken by CoSo Cloud, 77% of remote workers say they’re more productive when they’re working remotely. One challenge of remote work for some, however, is distracting or unpredictable home life. If you have small children, in particular, working from home can be challenging. Another potential pitfall is becoming distracted by our comfortable environment. Coworking spaces also provide you with all the amenities you need to be successful—Wi-Fi on high-speed internet, conference rooms, fax machines, printers, copiers, whiteboards, and other business tools to help you stay on top of work. Choosing to work from a coworking space can give you the productivity you crave in a place where you can focus and concentrate without distraction.  

More Control 

Working from a coworking space gives you all the perks of an office without the accountability of a boss demanding you show up and go home at certain times. Stress is often cited as one reason people prefer remote work to working from an office. Most respondents in the Flex Jobs survey said working away from the traditional office actually helps reduce stress and that remote work “improves general health because it allows for a better diet, more exercise, and a healthier lifestyle.” In a coworking space, there are no stressful working conditions, and you can manage your health and wellness as you see fit. At Work/Pace, you can enjoy using a fully stocked kitchen that allows you to maintain your personal dietary standards and work outdoors at Work/Place Oyster Point, using tables and chairs provided to give you a relaxing work environment that allows you to have control over your life and health. 

Unplug After Work 

Perhaps the greatest benefit to choosing a coworking space to working from home is the ability to have a hard stop at the end of the day. In a study conducted by social media service company Buffer, 22% of remote workers find it difficult to unplug and end the workday when working from home. Coworking forces you to close the laptop and have time between working and home on your commute to shift out of work mode back into home focus so that work is left behind for another day.