Do Coworking Spaces Benefit Digital Nomads?

According to Pew research, 20% of American adults worked from home before the start of the pandemic. Today, 71% of workers are doing their job from home full- or part-time, with some days back in their offices. Given the choice, however, 54% of those now working from home say they’d prefer to keep working from home after the pandemic for two reasons: fear of exposure and responsibilities of their job can be performed at home. 

During the pandemic, as sheltering in place restrictions loosened, some discovered the ability to navigate work no matter their location. This subset of people learned what workers in the gig economy have known for some time—that work is about results no matter where it is performed. This group, called digital nomads, are remote workers who travel to different locations regularly. These laptop warriors set up shop in cafes, hotels, co-working spaces, or libraries.  

Before the pandemic, those who chose digital nomading could be found in the following careers: 

  • Freelance writers 
  • Coaches and consultants 
  • Accountants and bookkeepers 
  • Web designers 
  • SEO/SEM contractors 
  • Virtual assistants 
  • Video producers and editors 

Now, as the pandemic has created an increased interest in digital nomadism, workers in fields from federal government employees to educators are moving towards digitally nomadic set-ups. The pandemic has even made it possible for entire families to become nomads—with school children mastering and excelling in virtual learning setups. 

So how does coworking factor into this? For digital nomads who are on the go, choosing a coworking space over a coffee shop or a hotel lobby can have great benefits. Here are a few: 

  •  Dedicated hot desk. You can pay for a desk space for the day or for however long you’re stopping through the area. Renting a desk at a coworking space for the day saves you time. You don’t have to worry about finding the next place to work from when you get hungry or need a break from your work. Your space is reserved for you all day. 
  • Socializing with locals. Get much-needed social interaction by meeting and getting to know others in the coworking space. Learn about local attractions, places to eat, and entertainment you can find during your time in the area. 
  • Networking. Learn about the work others in the coworking space do and see if you have some synergy. Who knows, perhaps you’ll leave with a new referral partner, a client, or someone to collaborate with on future projects. 
  • Loitering. While most places frown upon digital nomads parking in their establishments all say long, coworking spaces encourage it. Stay for a few hours or all day long. The choice is yours and no one will judge you! 
  • Food on-site. Feel free to bring your own food or enjoy beverages and snacks provided by the coworking space.  
  • Business tools. Here’s one of the biggest advantages of working from a coworking space as you nomad—access to tools. You can use Wi-Fi, conference call phones, whiteboards, fax machines, conference rooms, and more. Coworking spaces are set up to help you get work done. 
  • Distraction-free. In cafes and even libraries, you have to deal with constant movement and noise. In a coworking space, you’ll find quiet throughout as you work. 

The next time you visit the Newport News area, be sure to stop in. We’re digital nomad-friendly and will make sure you enjoy your time working from Work/Place.